Xin chao and 你好 (Ni Hao)!

Last week I went to Vietnam for the second time and China for the first time to approve production samples, meet our manufacturers and get that much closer to customer delivery! 

This newsletter will chronicle the week in Asia with many pictures! 

Let's jump right in. 

Night 1: Arrival in Vietnam

Strolling down the Le Loi Boulevard walking street with Ho Chi Minh City Hall in the background.

Sunset from the patio of the Sedona Suites Hotel

Day 1: Visiting Our Furniture Manufacturer

Pre-Production Samples of the Solerno Collection ready for inspection.
Major Components of the Solerno Heated Chair laid out before I observed assembly.
After any remaining changes were noted, I signed off on the side table's design to send it to production!
Signing off on the Heated Chair design marks a major milestone for Outmore.
A lot of hard work over the past 2 years was needed to get us to this point.
Here the manufacturing team is conducting packaging drop testing. Tests were conducted on all corners at multiple heights.
Soon, The Solerno Collection will be loaded into a 40ft Container like these and sent across the Pacific!

Day 2: Traveling to from Vietnam to China

My view leaving Ho Chi Minh City in the evening.
A cloudy nighttime arrival in Shenzhen, China

Day 3: Visiting our Electronics Manufacturer

Shenzhen has many new modern buildings, as it was largely built from a small fishing village into the Tech Manufacturing Engine of the world in only 30 years.
Me visiting the manufacturer's offices!
A view into the customer success and finance offices
I closed the day with a multi-hour exhaustive walk through of product requirements and product design.

Day 4: Diving in to the Details

The second day started at the Factory
Unfortunately, this fit wasn't for sale
Loading the firmware onto one of our 3d printed prototypes.
Our circuit boards going through microscopic inspection.
10 copies of the switch board in fabrication progress.
This manufacturer excels at PCB manufacturing, design, and testing.

Day 5: Touring Shenzhen before Departure

The area surrounding Oh Bay features walking paths, green spaces, shops and restaurants.
Overlooking Oh Bay into downtown Shenzhen, a city of nearly 18 Million people.
Until next time,

be outmore.