Outmore Living Newsletter - February 2024

Hi Everyone! 

Alex here this month wishing you a Happy leap day!
I think there are two big reasons why leap day is a cause for celebration: 

1. We all can spend more days Outdoors in 2024 than was possible in '23.
2. I had an extra day to get this newsletter knocked out!

Yesterday I heard an interesting fact about leap day, it is skipped on years divisible by 100 but not 400. So in the year 2100, the leap day that is supposed to happen... won't. Please don't ask me why.
In this month's edition, we will discuss:
- New Products Available: Weather Protective Covers
- An update on where we are in product development
- Putting the product through its paces with rigorous testing

So without further ado, 

Protecting your investment: Weather Protective Covers now available!

We are proud of the craftsmanship, quality, and beauty of our products. We know you feel the same way towards your outdoor spaces and hopefully one day your Outmore furniture as well.  Live now on our website are custom-fit premium protective covers for the chair, loveseat, sofa, ottoman, coffee table, and side table. 
Our covers are made with durable heavy-duty 900D solution-dyed polyester.
These front & back covered mesh vents allows breathability and promotes optimum airflow to prevent mold and mildew.
4 buckle straps at each corner adds security during extreme weather conditions.
These covers feature a PVC free, eco-friendly water-resistant backing for added protection.

The Solerno protective covers will ship with furniture in June. If you would like to have them ship earlier, reach out to me at alex@outmoreliving.com and I would be more than happy to work with you!

Product Development Check-in

Internally, we talk about the Solerno Collection in 3 major components. The frame, the cushions, and the electronic heating system.  We have to bring all of these together from idea to production in order to deliver the product to market. We want to give you an update on where each of these stand. 

✅-Concept Sketches / Drawings
✅-Technical Design 
✅-Sample 1 
✅-Sample 2 
✅-Production Order Placed 😁
🔘-Pre-production (Golden) Sample
🔘-Mass production

✅-Concept Sketches / Drawings
✅-Technical Design 
✅-Sample 1
🔘-Pre-production (Golden) Sample- 
🔘-Mass production
Electronic Heating System:
✅-Concept Sketches / Drawings 
✅-Technical Design 
✅-Sample 1 
🔘-Sample 2: Big improvements to the heating and connection design coming!
🔘-Pre-production (Golden) Sample
🔘-Mass production
We are so excited to deliver this product to everyone. Its hard to be patient and it never goes as fast as we want it too. But every delay or obstacle has resulted in a significantly better product and ultimately a better user experience.

Founder Perspectives:

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

We are committed to delivering the highest quality product that we can. One that delivers warmth and memories for years to come. In order to make this goal a reality, we have been putting prototypes through rigorous (and sometimes comical) testing. It is real world testing where the theoretical engineering specs are evaluated in reality. It is where the rubber meets the road, or in our case, the plastic meets the freezer.
Then we use an infrared laser thermometer to measure just how hot the heating pad gets. Here you can see just how efficient our heating elements are, getting up to 130 degrees! We measure the efficiency with a simple calculation: Temperature/Watts. 
Now for the more fun part. In this test, I am submerging the heating pad underwater before hooking it back up to power and ensuring that no short-circuits or other faults occur. Good news is that our heating pads are water-proof and even machine washable.
By subjecting it to high temperatures, we can test the integrity of adhesive bonds. Also it turns out, the oven at 170 degrees is a good way to dry out a soaking wet heating pad. 
First of all, shout out Trader Joe's. In Texas, sometimes the only way to subject our components to extreme cold is the freezer. At 0 degrees, we can thoroughly test the effect on the battery performance, finish on the power bar, and structural integrity. 

I love the job of being an early-stage founder. Every day is an adventure as I likely am having to learn how to do something I've never done before. 

Until next time,

be outmore.