Hi Everyone! 
Kevin here with the first Saturday afternoon newsletter update.  I am hoping that weekend updates don't become the norm, but this week was busy and I didn't have time to write this month's update until today.
In this latest edition, we will discuss:
- Constantly improving our website
- Launching our first promotional discount
- Preparing to deliver our product to customers

So without further ado, 

Website updates! And more to come...

While we are constantly updating our website, refreshing our site was one of the biggest focuses our team tackled this past month.  These updates included...
  1. A new homepage featuring a navigation bar that our customers can use to easily find all our pages
  2. Product pages for heated seating, accessories, and coffee & side tables
  3. An informative Why Outmore? section that links to our Outmore HeatTech™, ComfortCore™, and Sustainability pages
  4. A Trade Program page that our hospitality and design partners can use to unlock trade benefits
While it's definitely a lot of work getting all of these pages looking good, the hardest part is ensuring that our website remains simple and easy for our customers to browse. 
If you haven't browsed our website in a while, let us know what you think.  And please keep periodically checking in, as we are making updates all the time!

$250 discount to new customers!

75% of our set order is already pre-consigned to existing customers, but our goal is to sell the remaining 25% by the time the order hits our warehouse. 
To help reach this goal, we are offering all new customers $250 off any order that is $2,500 or more.  This is our first time offering a promotion, so we are excited to see how customers respond.  
If you too want to be the first people in the world to own our heated outdoor furniture, the $250 discount will be available at least for the next couple of weeks.  Just check out our website and follow the prompts from the promo pop-up to get your discount code. 

Founder Perspectives:

Preparing to deliver to customers in June

Since Outmore Living was incorporated, our team has been committed to delivering the highest quality products possible.  To us, that means:
  1. Creating the best and most innovative products ever
  2. Using the finest materials
  3. Partnering with the best factories
  4. Delivering product in the simplest way possible
  5. Planning for every scenario
For the 2+ years we have been building Outmore Living, the first four principles have guided our team into creating a product and supply chain that we believe will inspire our customers.  
Now, less than three months from delivering our product to customers, our focus has shifted to ensuring that we have planned for every scenario.  As Alex mentioned last newsletter, this means improving on our first and second principles by continuously testing our product and finding ways to improve it.  
Planning for every scenario also means ensuring our factories (Principle #3) and supply chain (#4) are running smoothly and as planned as we move into this critical final phase.  So, in a couple of weeks, Alex heads to Asia to oversee the assembly lines at our electronics and frames factories (I am sure he will share his experience next newsletter).  Then in May, Alex and I will head to our cushion factory in Mexico and visit our warehouses in the US as the products hit our US supply chain.  
On paper, everything is looking great.  However, as someone who spent years working in Target's supply chain, inevitably something will go wrong.  The keys is that our team has been planning for the worst while hoping for the best.  At this point, that's all we can do!

Until next time,

be outmore.