Outmore Living was born when a cold outdoor night ended too early. From that frustration came the realization that no outdoor furniture products were solving this problem, until now.

We’ve spent two years designing and testing Outmore HeatTech™, which is the hardware and software solution embedded in each Solerno Collection piece. From its innovative heating technology to its simple user experience, no stone was left unturned in architecting a first-of-its-kind outdoor experience.

Personalized comfort

Five adjustable heat settings

From the lowest level’s soothing warmth to the highest level’s intense heat, Outmore HeatTech™ was designed so that you can customize your comfort whether you are enjoying a mild summer morning or a chilly winter night.  This innovative technology is easy to use - so you can maximize your time outdoors connecting with family and friends.

Instant Warmth

Heats up in 2 minutes

In just 15 seconds, the cushions start warming up, and within two minutes, you will reach your desired temperature setting, which can be as toasty as 120°F.  This setting ensures that even on the chilliest nights, you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and warmth.

Enduring Comfort

Enough battery to power your night

Outmore HeatTech™ was built to power your furniture for up to 10 hours on low, 6 hours on medium, and 3 hours on high off a single charge.  Enjoy year-round comfort all day and all night, and when you need to recharge your device, simply detach the power bar and plug it into a standard 120-V outlet.

Evergreen Power

Always keep it plugged in

If you prefer not to deal with batteries, Outmore HeatTech™ was also built with the ability to power your furniture by plugging it directly into any wall outlet. This feature also works great in case you forget to charge your power bars.