A lot of furniture is built with low quality materials that end their short life in a landfill.

We are determined to do better than that, creating outdoor furniture that is built to last.  Our timeless designs and premium quality materials combine to create furniture that is built to last decades, not years.

Conscious Choice

Thoughtful materials

We meticulously source every material that goes into our products for quality, durability, environmental impact, and comfort. We have set the highest standards for our products and will accept nothing less than the best.

Sustainable Upgrades

Upgrade instead of replace

Our frames and cushions are designed to endure for many years, and while your HeatTech™ and cushion covers are also built for longevity, our technology will undoubtedly advance over time just like your cushion color preference may change. Every customer will have the opportunity to upgrade to cutting-edge technology and embrace newer designs, all while retaining their existing frames.

Warranty Assurance

Industry leading warranties

We stand by the craftsmanship in our products, which is why we offer best-in-class limited warranties.  Every Outmore Living product comes with an industry-leading promise to help you get the most out of your Outmore experience.

Lasting Strength

Unparalleled durability

Our furniture, textiles, and electronics are rigorously tested to be weather-proof, spill-proof, and life-proof.  Our products meet IPX6 and UL-listed standards for water resistance and safety, and our fabrics are UV and stain resistant.  Your furniture will last longer if properly taken care of, but it was built for when life happens.