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    Design meets year-round functionality

    With our patented heating technologies you can maximize your outdoor living experiences from warm summer days through chilly winter nights.

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    An unmatched blend of comfort and support

    Outmore ComfortCore™ cushions — which feature five-layers of foam and fabric — deliver the perfect balance of firmness, flexibility, and durability so you can spend hours comfortably relaxing outdoors.

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    Better for you and the planet

    We meticulously sourced every material that goes into our products not only for beauty, comfort, and durability but also for limiting our environmental impact on our planet.

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  • This heated outdoor furniture is a perfect compliment to our home. We've spent a lot of time cultivating our outdoor space to be able to spend more family time out there. We actually used to have a fire pit that we recently got rid of, and now instead of unnecessarily having to replace it, we use the Solerno Collection to keep us warm and cozy. Plus, with my kids, these pieces are safer for them to be outside alone, even on those chillier nights.

    Jake C., Chicago, IL
  • The experience of sitting in the Solerno Loveseat was a bit surprising. I was honestly expecting the heat to be a bit overwhelming, but it was actually really soothing. My wife and I love to utilize this furniture on perfect fall nights, with a glass of wine in hand.

    Bob L., Atlanta, GA
  • I live in Chicago, in an apartment with a back patio. For a good portion of the year, even if it isn't snowing outside, I probably wouldn't even think about using that space with friends without a fire pit, heating lamp, tons of outwear, or a some combination of the three. With the Solerno Chairs, I utilize that space, even on those chillier nights, to have friends over, or just spend some quality time out there, like I would any other time of the year.

    Wyatt M., Chicago, IL
  • As soon as I sat down on the Solerno chair, it exceeded all the expectations I had, plus some! It honestly felt like I was melting into the chair, in the best way possible. It was just the perfect amount of heat on my body, not too hot, not too cold, but just warm enough that I could have sat there for hours.

    Ben S., Austin, TX
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  • I'm someone who loves to turn on my heated seat in the car, so when I sat down on the Solerno Sofa, I felt right at home. It was just like turning on those seats, but better because my back got warm as well! So, so comfortable.

    Claire S., St. Louis, MI
  • We spend a lot of time in our backyard during the summer because we have a pool, but in the winter, we don't tend to spend too much time out there, even though we do have a firepit. So the Solerno Collection is the perfect addition to our backyard to let us really have quality family time year-round, regardless of the weather.

    Susie K., Atlanta, GA
  • Living in the South, we can usually be outside most of the year. But at nighttime, when I find it to be the most charming, we usually end up heading inside because it ends up getting a bit chillier than we'd like. So I use the Solerno Sofa Set on our back patio where it's private, and we have our twinkle lights out, because we can now essentially use our backyard year-round. I also love it because as grandmother of 3 little ones, the Solerno Collection is a safe heated alternative to a large fire pit, or even a heat lantern, that would potentially keep us warm, but also make me a little bit more uncomfortable.

    Casey L., Atlanta, GA
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