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Electrical and Heating

How hot does the furniture get?

Depending on your selected heat setting, the cushions range from 85-120° Fahrenheit. For specific temperature levels per heat setting, see the Performance section below.

How long does the furniture take to heat up?

The furniture takes about 90 seconds to fully warm up, depending on the ambient temperature. However, you will first feel the temperature after 15 seconds. If you are in especially cold climates, it may take longer. You can help speed up the process by placing a blanket over or sitting on top of your furniture to trap the heat!

How do the cushions heat up?

The front cushion within the Solerno Collection attaches to the front power bar connector and the back cushion and front cushion are connected as well. The power bar will transfer electricity through the connectors into the built-in heating pads inside the cushions.

Is the teak frame heated?

No. The heat is transferred through the heating pads imbedded inside the cushions. The frame is not heated.

Is the heating efficient?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being a more sustainable and efficient source of heat compared to other outdoor heating devices, such as propane heaters.

For context, 10-hours of propane heat costs ~$25, whereas 10 hours of Outmore Living usage costs ~$0.25 in electricity costs.

Does the furniture work in the snow?

Yes. Our furniture is designed to be extremely effective in cold climates. Please keep in mind that the furniture will take longer to heat up if it is very cold outdoors.

Can I just plug my furniture into an outlet?

Your furniture cannot be run off of AC power. You can plug it into the wall and charge the battery, but it will not directly power the furniture.

Will the electrical elements be safe in the rain?

Yes. The power bar and heated cushions are outdoor grade and UCL certified. While we recommend that you bring your power bar inside to charge after each use, they should be fine if accidentally left outdoors in the rain.

Why is my furniture not heating up?

Make sure that your power bar is correctly plugged into the mount at the front of the frame and that the cushions are connected on the bottom of the front cushion and the two connectors on the back of the cushions.

Check the heating setting and make sure it is turned up enough. If it’s too low, you might not notice the piece heating up if it is especially cold outside.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to get in touch.

How does the power bar charge?

We designed the power bar charging process to be as simple as charging a portable speaker.

Each Solerno Collection piece includes a charging cord. Simply plug your charging cord into any standard 12V outlet. Next, plug the charging outlet on the back of the power bar. Finally, enjoy!

The power bar takes 3-3.5 hours to charge from zero to full battery.

Can I charge other devices with my Outmore Living furniture?

Outmore Living furniture brings electricity to whatever spaces have our products in them.

Every Outmore Living power bar comes equipped with both USB-A and USB-C outlets. From speakers to phones, we encourage you to charge all your favorite devices while using our furniture.


How do I keep the cushions from sliding off the furniture?

The front cushion within the Solerno Collection magnetically attaches to the front power bar connector and the back cushion and front cushion are magnetically connected as well. This not only powers the heated cushions but also helps to prevent the cushions from sliding around when in use.

Will my cushions fade in the sun?

Sunbrella® fabrics are dyed in a special way that keeps the color bold and vibrant year after year, even in direct sunlight. With regular care, these fabrics can hold their vibrant colors for between 5 to 10 years!

Can I leave my cushions outside when it rains?

We've gone to great lengths to make our cushions as water resistant as possible, but nothing is 100% water resistant.

It's always best to bring them inside or put a cover on the furniture when it rains. The cushions will survive occasionally getting wet, but be sure to let them thoroughly dry afterwards.

How do I clean my cushions?

If something spills on your Outmore Living cushion, the best thing to do initially is to hose off the stain.

The cushion covers are removable and washable, so for more serious stains, machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with normal amounts of mild laundry detergent. For severe mold or mildew, add 1 cup of bleach. Allow fabric to air dry.


How much does the furniture weigh?

All weights are approximate.

Solerno Heated Chair: 40 lbs

Solerno Heated Loveseat: 70 lbs

Solerno Heated Sofa: 100 lbs

What is the furniture like when it is hot outside?

Outmore Living was designed to not only be the best furniture for chilly nights but also for warm summer days.

Our performance grade Sunbrella® cushions will keep you cool in hotter temperatures, and are guaranteed not weather as quickly as competitors cushions.

How will the frame wear over time?

New natural teak has a golden honey color that will develop a natural silver-gray patina as it ages. The change in color is purely cosmetic and does not indicate any change to the strength or durability of the wood. Similar to the natural teak look, the finished teak will fade as it ages if not taken proper care of.

If you would like to maintain the original color, you can use specialized teak cleaners, such as Star Brite Teak Cleaner or Losso’s Teak Cleaner. Proper maintenance can be as little as once-a-year.

How will the teak hold up in the winter?

Teak’s natural oils protect it from moisture and rot, which is why it is so popular for boat decks and outdoor furniture. We recommend storing your furniture at the end of the season or using covers that can withstand the elements, especially if you live somewhere with a harsh winter climate.

Is your Teak sustainably sourced?

Yes. All the teak used in our products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, the leading international authority on sustainable forest management. FSC certification is considered the “gold standard” for ethical production, meaning that the wood is sustainably harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, and economically viable.

Is your furniture durable enough for commercial or hospitality settings?

Yes! All of our products are commercial grade.

Please reach out via our Trade Program form for more information!

I live near the ocean. Will the furniture weather faster?

All of our furniture is marine grade. The screws are marine grade stainless steel and the teak is weather resistant.


Recharging takes approximately 3-3.5 hours

*Actual performance may vary


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