We recognize that there is something special about connecting outdoors, and that's why we are determined to create the ultimate outdoor living experiences.  Our heated outdoor furniture is not just a product; it's a testament to our belief that the outdoors can and should be enjoyed year-round, comfortably and luxuriously.

who we are


We're Kevin and Alex, the creators behind Outmore Living. But let's make something clear – it's not just us. It's 'we.’ 

'Our journey has been incredible, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support and dedication of our extended team. That team includes our amazing partners, our families who've been with us from the start, our friends who've cheered us on, our creative team who've added the spark, and our reliable suppliers and incredible designers.

Together, we've grown, laughed, and overcome challenges. It's not just a business partnership; it's a collective effort. So, here's to "we" and the exciting journey ahead. There's nothing we can't achieve together.


Our Mission

We exist because we believe that there is something magical about being outdoors. Conversations are deeper, music is richer, and connections are more meaningful.

Our mission is to create products that enhance outdoor living experiences, so we can all spend more time connecting with the people that matter the most to us.

Join us in our mission to help everyone be outmore.

how we'll achieve it


Our company started with the Solerno Collection. In an industry that had witnessed virtually no innovation since its inception, we reimagined each component of our furniture from the ground up. We stood by our principles of delivering the best in design, comfort, and functionality.

But, the Solerno Collection was just the start. Through our unwavering commitment to those principles, we are building a culture that transforms ideas into products that enhance the magic of outdoor moments.  By turning these ideas into reality, we are redefining expectations in the outdoor living industry.

Where We Operate

📍Home = Austin, tx

We proudly call Austin, Texas, our home. It's where our journey began, where our roots run deep, and where our story unfolds every day. But our aspirations reach far beyond the Lone Star State.

Our mission is to make a difference, not just locally, but globally. While Austin is where our heart is, our vision extends to every corner of the world. We're dedicated to bringing our values, innovation, and positive impact to communities worldwide.